Current PB's

  • Marathon - 3:54:26
  • , Half Marathon - 1:27:41
  • , 10K - 42:32
  • , 5K - 19:47

Thursday, 30 September 2010

Virgin London Marathon 2011 Rejection!

My first post on my new blog, how exciting!

Sadly it's to say that I have not been given entry through the ballot to run the Virgin London Marathon next year. I got in last year via the ballot so I suppose it was a bit much to expect to get in two years running. Ah well there's always 2012!

I say my new blog as I had a blog on another platform previously but decided that I wanted to move it, and chose blogger! Over the next couple of days I think I might post some of my older blogs on here so my new readers can get a feel for what I'm all about (note to self; that might not be a good idea!)

Anyway, one of the posts I'll put up is my race report from London last year. Things didn't go very well for me on the day which might leave you wondering why I'm so keen to run it again. Well I feel like I have unfinished business with the London marathon course. I had planned to run a sub 3:45 and ended up with 4:01:04 which left me feeling quite disappointed. I don't feel like I've given London my best shot yet and I'm not one to give up lightly.

In the meantime, now that I know I won't be running London next year it does leave me free to run some other races in the spring of next year, anyone got any recommendations?