Current PB's

  • Marathon - 3:54:26
  • , Half Marathon - 1:27:41
  • , 10K - 42:32
  • , 5K - 19:47

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

My Mojo

My running mojo has gone. It's official. It's almost as if my appendix contained my running mojo and when it was removed on the 7th of February so was my love of running. :(

I ran twice last week, a 2.5 miler and a 4 miler. Both runs were pretty horrible. The 2.5 miles was my first post op run so I was understandably wary. I came through it unscathed though. A days rest then it was time for my next run. I wasn't really feeling up for it, but that's nothing new! The run was terrible though. It started badly, tailed off in the middle and ended poorly.

Since then I've not even felt like running again. The Lochaber marathon is 4 weeks on Sunday and the way I feel at the minute there is no way I'll be running it. It may be better for me to take a bit of a break and come back to running once I'm 'feeling it' again. I'm just not sure what to do.